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Oil's & Lubricants

Why you should work with us?

  • High quality products from reliable suppliers which can help reach the goals of your business.
  • High-quality oils and lubricants helps you extend the intervals between changing them even under the toughest conditions and offers a bigger fuel economy.
  • We use CEPSA and 77 Lubricants in ADAMPOLIS services for both new and used trucks.
  • BARDAHL autochemistry is successfully used in ADAMPOLIS services for a professional care.
  • ADAMPOLIS guarantees that you will always use only original and high quality oils and autochemistry.
  • ADAMPOLIS will help you ensure the proper work of your vehicle's engine, reduce fuel consumption and extend the service time of the internal parts.

Durable, rugged and built for the long haul:
77 Lubricants - high quality products, reasonable prices

  • 77 Lubricants is one of the largest independent lubricating oil brands in Europe.
  • The products are developed and produced by specialists who can choose from a wide variety of base oils and additives, making sure they put together lubricants that meet the latest standards of the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) and International Standardization Committees.
  • Products for heavy-duty vehicles must meet extremely high environmental and technical requirements and  77 Lubricants meets all of them perfectly.
  • 77 lubricants produces special quality lubricants for agricultural machinery.
  • The ISO 9001 certified plant has a fully equipped laboratory at its disposal, which guarantees 100 percent product compliance. It also offers an oil analysis program.
  • ADAMPOLIS is the the only official distributor of 77 lubricants in Lithuania - be sure that you are using the original product.
CEPSA - PREMIUM quality for the best efficiency
  • CEPSA is an integrated energy company operating at each stage of the oil value chain.
  • Regular development of PREMIUM products sets CEPSA apart from the competitors and demonstrates the company's ability to apply the latest technology in formulating lubricant products.
  • CEPSA oil's and lubricants meets and exceeds all the basic OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) requirements, which demands to meet the strictest approvals, quality and environmental specifications.
  • ADAMPOLIS uses CEPSA lubricants for warranty vehicles in it's service to ensure  perfect quality operations.
  • ADAMPOLIS is the only one, official CEPSA representative in Lithuania.
BARDAHL - high quality autochemistry products 
  • PREMIUM quality auto and industrial chemistry.
  • A world famous brand which is all about winning.
  • The revolutionary POLAR PLIUS technology is used in all BARDAHL lubricating products
  • It is confirmed by Research - BARDAHL products with POLAR PLUS provide 40 percent less engine friction
  • BARDAHL is chosen by those who are looking for the best product which always seek for excellence and exceeds the usual quality standards in auto maintenance and repair.
  • BARDAHL Offers an extremely wide assortment of over 4000 items for maintenance, service, industry and more.
  • Proven quality - BARDAHL autochemistry is used in all ADAMPOLIS services.
  • ADAMPOLIS is the only official representative of BARDAHL in Lithuania.