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Truck rental

ADAMPOLIS Rental offers you to try renting new and used MAN trucks on especially favorable terms, not requiring large capital. It is less risky, wider business development opportunity


Trucks with warranty    
Full warranty for a new truck for the entire rental period of up to 150,000 km / year for limiting mileage
Fixed monthly expenses
Easy to plan expenses and income, easy to keep records because the monthly fee is FIXED
The main benefits of MAN TeleMatics® and SeeMe systems are:
  • Up to 10% lower overall fuel consumption
  • Objective assessment of drivers performance
  • Easier handling of the shipping process
  • Optimized number of unloaded cargo trips
  • Planned maintenance
  • Economical operating mode with minimal number of downtime

Telemetry systems provide all the necessary information to help you better manage the work of the vehicle, optimally allocate vehicle occupancy, ensuring maximum transport efficiency and generating maximum revenue.
Cover the cost of technical maintenance
  • Insurance
  • Transport owner fee
  • Maintenance
  • Technical inspection
  • Service maintenance in authorised MAN services in Europe and Lithuania
Business development opportunities without investing in the purchase and exploitation of the truck
Truck rental is an opportunity to plan an income and expenses for business development. The trailer for a fixed period of 12 to 24 months without additional technical support costs will become your business project. A guarantee of successful business development in case of unexpected leap of needs or starting with a new one.


Rental of new and used trucks