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Man Lion's Coah - Coach of the Year 2020

Travel with a world class bus: It’s not only top-ranking athletes from FC Bayern München, Paris Saint-Germain and the German national football team who hold the MAN Lion’s Coach in highest esteem. With the prize of „Coach of the Year 2020“ this bus has also won the most important award from the international bus press. This is what a winner looks like.
For a week, journalists from twenty-two countries travelled with five different coaches from different manufacturers. They examined performance on road, driver’s workplace, design, travel comfort, road capability, and economical and technological excellency. In the end, the decision was made: the MAN Lion’s Coach is „Coach of the Year 2020“. The award exists for thirty years and is considered the most important distinction in the coach market. 
It wasn’t just the individual features, such as the MAN Lion’s Coach’s particularly efficient power train or its intelligent integration of the wheelchair lift above the front axle that excited the jury. Journalists made the decision on the basis of the coach’s overall features. Or to use football terminology: The MAN Lion’s Coach showed a brilliant team performance. 
Joachim Drees, Chief Executive Officer at MAN Truck & Bus expressed his happiness with the prize granted to MAN at the opening of the Busworld Europe Fair in Brussels: „We are very proud that our MAN Lion’s Coach impressed the jury and that it has won this renowned award. The title „Coach of the Year“ is a great recognition of a year long engagement and of the work of our whole team. In the coach sector and its divisions we have worked tirelessly in the development and distribution of an outstanding vehicle. The fact that we achieved this award with the MAN Lion’s Coach through the jury-voting is very impressive.“
The new MAN Lion's Coach was presented to the public at the Busworld 2017 in Kortrijk. Since its commercial launch, it has won numerous prizes and it has become the most awarded bus designed by MAN. „The international distinction of „Coach of the Year“ is unparalleled and we are very happy about that“ said Rudi Kuchta, Head of Product & Sales Bus and spokesperson of the Bus Division.
Consistent overall package Economical excellency, travel comfort, and road capability make the new MAN Lion’s City „Coach of the Year 2020“.
Comfortable trips Depending on the vehicle length and configuration, up to 63 passengers will find comfortable sits in the new MAN Lion's Coach. Amenities, such as charging sockets increase the travel comfort.
The winning design Specialized journalists from 22 countries elected the new MAN Lion’s City "Coach of the Year 2020".