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Man Lion's Coah - Coach of the Year 2020
Travel with a world class bus: It’s not only top-ranking athletes from FC Bayern München, Paris Saint-Germain and the German national football team who hold the MAN Lion’s Coach in highest esteem. With the prize of „Coach of the Year 2020“ this bus has also won the most important award from the international bus press. This is what a winner looks like. 
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5 Quick Facts About Fuel Quality and Filtration
Today’s diesel equipment requires higher fuel cleanliness to meet the demands of precision-designed fuel system pumps and injectors. However, keeping diesel clean is more complex because of higher concentrations of water emulsions in fuel and organic contaminants that can foul the system.
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CEPSA launches Traction, a new generation of lubricants for heavy-duty vehicles
Cepsa  unveiled TRACTION, its new range of high-performance lubricants for heavy-duty vehicles, offering significant benefits such as increased efficiency and improved engine protection, component durability, vehicle reliability and improved fuel economy.
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